Those Raccoons

They dug those holes,
They dug them deep,
First went my colours,
Then went my dreams,
They filled them
With expectations to the brim.
I tell myself to hold on tight,
Just one more hole and it will all be right,
But what when the holes are dug around your core,
Just one more hole and you will bore.


Nature’s trust issues

Standing here staring,
Waiting for his senses to kick in.
Humans are intelligent beings or so I believed,
Each blow bulldozing my hopes and beliefs.
Done with me,
Quickly moving to the next,
On me the bitterness dawns,
I judged him wrong,
At the cost of my life,
For a building of sorts.



Becoming an entangled mess,
With one end going into loops
Made of harsh words, spite,
And the twisted curls of their egos,
While the other end acting stubborn,
Merely fastening those knots.
It’s difficult to unravel this mess some exclaim,
Cut the crap out to find a new end some explain,
Staying put while the other end retraces Its’ steps, is the best recourse, my heart claims.